Welcome to the home of the Æther; an instrument designed and developed by Colin Foulke.

I have dedicated the last ten years to playing these instruments and the last five years to making them. The Æther represents exactly what I want out of an instrument, both as a maker and as a player. Named after the fifth element, the Æther was the first in the industry to use all four classic elements in the production process. Similar to a painter who stretches their own canvas, my work on the Æther starts with flat sheets of steel that I order from the mill. From there I create my blank shells with my hydroforming method which I opened sourced in June of 2016.
It is with deep intention, passion, and focus that I bring each Æther from flat sheet to its final form. My goal with every Æther is to retain as much control as possible and lead all its facets, the harmonics, the port, and the vessel itself, to resonate in harmony.


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Six Handpans You Should Know About

Thank you Sylvain Paslier for including my work in your list of Six Handpans You Should Know About. Check out Sylvain's very informed and informative blog here:


Recent Æther's

"I am happy to say I received my new beautiful SaByeD today in perfect condition. Thank you for the great packaging and expedited shipping. I have been playing it since coming home from work and it is so wonderful and sounds much better in person. I understand why your instruments are so desirable now. I never win anything and I am still in shock that I won the chance to buy this amazing creation from you! I will forever be grateful for this instrument and I hope that I can use your instrument to bring happiness to others like you have brought to me! Thank you!"

- Dan B., 2018 Æther Lottery Winner