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Six Handpans You Should Know About

Thank you Sylvain Paslier for including my work in your list of Six Handpans You Should Know About. Check out Sylvain's very informed and informative blog here:

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Lottery Testimonials

"Entering Colin Foulke’s lottery for one of his exquisite handspans was the smoothest, most upfront process I have experienced. The only difficulty was in choosing the right number, and then, upon winning, choosing the instrument itself! The Æther SabyeD that I received in short order is without question the most beautiful handpan I have ever had the privilege of playing. Colin is a generous, upstanding, and all around terrific guy of remarkable talent."

    - Madeleine - 2017 Lottery Winner

"Colin kept me up to date with updates so I was able to connect with and see my lottery instrument during the process of it being created. It made for a very personable and enjoyable experience. The end result was a fantastic instrument that I enjoy playing everyday!" 

    - Kyle R. - 2017 Lottery Winner

"Partaking in the CFoulke lottery was a gratifying and unparalleled experience. In the midst of the Northern California fires, Colin was able to ship my instrument and then still invited me to visit his shop after the ashes settled. I was very grateful to meet Colin and Jake; both the kindest individuals you'll ever meet. I walked away with not only an amazing instrument but also a deep appreciation for the craft and the makers themselves."

  - Kwai - 2017 Lottery Winner