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- 20" Xenith 
- Nitrided Steel
- Offered scales (see recordings) 
- Apex central dome (outie) 
- Helmholtz resonance tuned to F2 
- Port: Unison D6's
- Shoulders Tuned or Tamed  
- Finished metal rim 
- Soft Backpack Case 
- Shipping $100USD


- Price: $1,000USD + $100USD shipping
- You are paying for an instrument that I will build in the coming weeks/months. 
- I only accept payment in full. 
- Estimated wait time: 1 month. A more accurate wait time will be determined after payment is made.
- Any and all import taxes or VAT are the responsibility of the buyer

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Introducing the Xenith


Xeno: Different in origin
Zenith: The point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer
Xeno + Zenith = Xenith

For the last 2 years, I have been running silent auctions as a way to track what the desired price is for a handpan. While most silent auctions resulted in a high price tag they did reveal a very interesting data point; the average bid was right around $1,000USD. I took this to heart. 

For those who participated, you may recall that for my 2019 Three Hammer Challenge I asked you all to vote on what scale I should make from a list of my favorite D-centered seven-note scales. This also resulted in a very interesting data point: you wanted D minor, either D Celtic7 or D Insen. I took this to heart. 

It is a very big challenge to make a high-quality instrument; they are labor-intensive and can take days to weeks of skilled labor which is why the resulting price tag is usually very high. It is an even bigger challenge to make a high-quality instrument but have the resulting price tag NOT be several thousands of dollars. 

In 2016 I had an idea that I pursued for the majority of the year but was unable to bring it to fruition. This idea came back up in mid-2019 and starting in 2020, I pursued it again. Technology caught up in those few years and what once seemed impossible I can tell you is now very possible. 

The result? A high-quality instrument for an introductory price. The Xenith is made with patent-pending technology and is the result of years of work and your feedback; a seven-note instrument in the classic D scales for $1,000USD.

Take a look, give a listen, I’d be thrilled to make a Xenith for you. 

- CFoulke





"Playing the Xenith felt like sitting down with a familiar friend. The notes are clear and clean...the resonance is goosebumbingly beautiful. Easy to pull sound from quiet to loud. Melodies flow with ease inviting hours of exploration. High quality and beautiful finishes."

- Judith Lerner, CFoulke and 2020 Æther Owner

“The Xenith is easy and a joy to play - it has a satisfying tone, has the right amount of sustain, and makes me want to play it more.”

- Greyson Roth

"Totally in awe! It greatly exceeds my wildest expectations Colin!  All thumbs up on this game changer!"

- RP, CFoulke and Xenith owner

"There is so much to love about this Celtic Xenith that you made for me. The touch is effortless, the notes seem like they are on springs waiting to jump out! There are so many different sounds available, metallic clanks and slaps, taks, and each note has shadings that come from being touched differently, in different ways and parts of the tone fields. It has such a strong voice, it's loud when I want it to be loud. Of course it plays beautifully soft as well. The ding is wonderfully rich~if you hit it hard, it just BOOMS! It has several different voices, depending on how you hit it. It bends notes beautifully and it loves soft touches as well. And the price, pretty low anyway, in comparison to anywhere else, but for a handpan of this quality, an absolutely excellent value. It's small, light, convenient, and still, such an extraordinary sound."

- David C. Xenith Owner

Available for Immediate Purchase


Hijaz - D/ A Bb D Eb F# G A


Ysha - D/ A C# D E F# G A



Insen - D/ A Bb D E F G A


Celtic7 - D/ A C D E F G A