My Vision

My goal is to have fifteen instruments available for purchase. The customer will then be able to choose, in person, from a selection of five sweet, five savory, and five exotic scales. The intention being that each person gets to pick both the scale and instrument that is right for them.

From my standpoint, this system will help to support and preserve my creative drive as well as encourage me to make the best instruments possible. At the same time it will help remove external pressures and influences like making specific instruments for specific customers or working off a set production waitlist. I will have the freedom to explore and make either what I think is best or what I am currently excited about while keeping a variety of instruments available. If someone takes a 'savory' instrument then the following week I just have to make something 'savory', either the same scale to replace it or something else of my choosing.

It is likely that there will be favorites that I will try to keep in stock but there are no guarantees that there will be a specific instrument available at any give time. I encourage prospective customers to approach this process with a clear mind and let the instrument choose you.