My journey began in January of 2013. I was gifted an old steelpan and started learning the basics of tuning. I spent 8 weeks working and retuning it until I had exhausted that particular instruments learning potential. 

Starting in April of 2013, I made 10-15 hybrid steelpans. It has always been my goal to learn this art form from the ground up. What better way to learn than to go back to the original inspiration! In this time period I ruined about as many barrels as there were successful instruments. The last steelpan video shows how far I progressed until I felt I was ready to make my first handpan.

Follow the entire journey as documented on


My First Steel Pans

Sand Symmetry Tests

The First SalaDin

Another SalaDin


First Dimples

Mini - Pan

First with air hammers

The Last One