In an effort to put forth some positivity I am going to give away a RADIX. It will be the first RADIX giveaway and certainly not the last. There is however some participation involved to enter. Something that will both distract you and maybe give you a moment of peace.

Inspired by my time studying Euclidean Geometry, the RADIX logo is created with formal geometric instructions; a pencil, straightedge and a compass are all that is needed. To enter to win a RADIX you must recreate the RADIX logo (template and design instructions are included). Simply print it out or upload it into your favorite drawing app. Follow the steps, complete the logo, then upload your results. Winner will be picked at random (this is not a competition).

Below is an example video of me recreating the RADIX logo, it took 6 minutes. The instrument heard in the video is the instrument that is being given away; G Romanian Hijaz: G/ C D Eb F# G A Bb D

Download then upload your recreated RADIX logo. Closes 5pm PST, Friday, June 12.