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- 21" Æther
- Offered scales (see recordings and virtual player below)
- Apex central dome (outie)
- Helmholtz resonance tuned to E2
- Port: Either full major/minor triad
- Shoulders Tuned
- Brassed and polished port
- Annealed with brass (golden in appearance)
- Intricate engraving on the bottom shell, maker's choice (see pictures below)
- Finished metal rim

- Medium Evatek Hardcase
- Shipping (up to $200USD).

- Price: $3,500USD
- You are paying for an instrument that I will build in the coming months.
- I only accept payment in full.
- Estimated wait time: 3-6 months. A more accurate wait time will be determined after payment is made.
- I only accept 20 orders at a time to keep wait time as minimal as possible. If you are able to place an order then you are in the next batch of 20 instruments.
- Any and all import taxes or VAT are the responsibility of the buyer

Offered Scales

The offered scales are a reflection of both what I feel fits the Æther best and a selection of my favorite sound models of all time. Headphones recommended.


SaByeD - E/ A B C# D# E F# G# B

   SaByeD (Sabaidee) is a sound model created my friend Ezahn of Echo Sound Sculptures. The name is a Thai greeting that has a similar sentimentality to Aloha. The sound model is an arrangement of E Major starting on the 4th of the scale, A. This scale gives a great deal of chord progressions and can easily slip into its relative C# minor. To date it is my favorite sweet scale.


Low Shunko - E/ A B C D E F# G B

    Low Shunko is another variation of the Integral scale, this time adding the low 4th, giving it a more complete, diatonic feel. While set in E minor, rooting off the A3 can also lend itself to an almost complete Dorian mode. 


Romanian Hijaz - E/ A B C D# E F# G B

    Romanian Hijaz was popularized by Victor of SPb as a 9 noter. This 8 note version is a play on that sound model and also lends its heritage to two closely related original 1rst gen scales, Hijaz and Rumanikos. It is the 4th mode of E harmonic minor starting on A and has the distinct step-and-a-half Middle Eastern flair.

Virtual Player

The offered scales can be explored using the virtual handpan, an original idea from Jonathan Heaven of Check out both the digital and handpan offerings of jheavenART

Use the drop down menu to select the scale and buttons 1-9 to play each note. 


A few examples of engravings for this lottery. While they are mostly for aesthetic purposes they do add a level of grip to the bottom of the instrument, keeping it from slipping from one's lap. 


"I wanted to say that the more I play with my Æther the more I get addicted to it. Its an amazing instrument! I never had this feeling of total fulfillment when I was playing with my other handpans. Congratulations for creating one of the best (if not THE best) handpans ever created."

- Pier, 2018 Æther Lottery Winner

"My Witching Hour 8 came to its new home yesterday and boy oh boy what a beautiful thing! The colors are lovely and the design of the bottom shell is really neat! 

Now onto the sound. Damn dude… The sound coming out of this instrument is unbelievable...When I play it, even if I strike it ever so lightly, it feels like raindrops falling on it but the sound coming out of it is immense."

- Rodrigo, 2018 Æther Lottery Winner 

"I am happy to say I received my new beautiful SaByeD today in perfect condition. Thank you for the great packaging and expedited shipping. I have been playing it since coming home from work and it is so wonderful and sounds much better in person. I understand why your instruments are so desirable now. I never win anything and I am still in shock that I won the chance to buy this amazing creation from you! I will forever be grateful for this instrument and I hope that I can use your instrument to bring happiness to others like you have brought to me! Thank you!"

- Dan B., 2018 Æther Lottery Winner 

 "I’ve been having a great time with this instrument since the moment it came out of the box. It is one the most balanced pans I have played. Harmonics are clear, strong and easy to activate on every note. It has such a sweet, smooth and vibrant character it gives your hands a magical momentum. It’s tuned so beautifully and so super stable I just want to keep going, exploring and drifting off into the wide dynamic range of the pan. It’s multiple percussive spots and shoulders are all there for fun beat driven aspects of the instrument that I love to incorporate. I know I love a pan when it’s the only one I’ve been playing since getting It. This is the case with my 2018 Aether C# Celtic8." 

  - Adrian Ensor - 2018 Aether Owner

"Entering Colin Foulke’s lottery for one of his exquisite handspans was the smoothest, most upfront process I have experienced. The only difficulty was in choosing the right number, and then, upon winning, choosing the instrument itself! The Æther SaByeD that I received in short order is without question the most beautiful handpan I have ever had the privilege of playing.Colin is a generous, upstanding, and all around terrific guy of remarkable talent."   

 - Madeleine - 2017 Lottery Winner

"Colin kept me up to date with updates so I was able to connect with and see my lottery instrument during the process of it being created. It made for a very personable and enjoyable experience. The end result was a fantastic instrument that I enjoy playing everyday!" 

    - Kyle R. - 2017 Lottery Winner

"Partaking in the CFoulke lottery was a gratifying and unparalleled experience. In the midst of the Northern California fires, Colin was able to ship my instrument and then still invited me to visit his shop after the ashes settled. I was very grateful to meet Colin and Jake; both the kindest individuals you'll ever meet. I walked away with not only an amazing instrument but also a deep appreciation for the craft and the makers themselves."

  - Kwai - 2017 Lottery Winner

" I was fortunate enough to win Colin's lottery back in 2017. Then Colin made the waiting period so comfortable by always being responsive and kept me up to date with the progress of my instrument. He is a true craftsman and talent to make these amazing instruments. I own other high quality hand pans but my C# Celtic Minor from Colin is something truly special and I am for sure a proud owner."

Ziya - 2017 Lottery Winner