Æther Lottery Closed


Winning number: 734

9.2% chance of winning

Entry Locations:


How to enter:
Fill out form at the bottom of the page to enter the lottery


- 21" Æther
- Evatek Hardcase
- 3 offered scales (see videos below)
- Outie/Apex central dome
- Helmholtz tuned to E2
- Port: full triad chord in E major or E minor
- Shoulders Tuned
- Blue/purple in appearance

Lottery Commitment:
- $3,000USD + shipping
- Shipping can range from $50-$200USD, occasionally more for select countries
- One entry per person
- Lottery will close a early. July 31rst, 8pmPST.
- 20 people closest to the winning number will be notified
- Winning number will be generated via random.org
- Payment is due upon notification of winning the lottery
- Please only participate if you are ready to purchase an instrument
- A Paypal invoice will be sent to lottery winners for FULL payment, including shipping
- Estimated wait time 1-6 months
- Instruments will be done in batches, so winners will not necessarily receive their instruments based on how close they are to the winning number.
- Any and all import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Lottery Scales

E Major- SaByeD - E/ A B C# D# E F# G# B

SaByeD (Sabaidee) is a sound model created my Ezahn of Echo Sound Sculptures. The name is a Thai greeting that has a similar sentimentality to Aloha. The sound model is an arrangement of E Major starting on the 4th of the scale, A. This scale gives a great deal of chord progressions and can easily slip into its relative C# minor. To date it is my favorite sweet scale.

E Minor- E Witching Hour8 - E/ G B C E F# G B D

Witching Hour is a sound model of my own making but is really just a mashing up of two very popular 7 note scales: Mystic and Magic Hour. In nesting the two 7 note sound models together the player can drift from the dominant E minor to the nested G major with relative ease. It is an extremely balanced scale, meaning it has a high percentage of relative harmonics across the instrument.

E Harmonic Minor - E Romanian Hijaz - E/ A B C D# E F# G B

Romanian Hijaz was popularized by Victor of SPb as a 9 noter. This 8 note version is a play on that sound model and also lends its heritage to two closely related original 1rst gen scales, Hijaz and Rumanikos. It is the 4th mode of E harmonic Minor starting on A and has the distinct step-and-a-half Middle Eastern flair.