I would like to thank the following for either their help, guidance or inspiration along my journey.

- My wonderful wife!

- Gerald of Handpan.org

- Kevin Grant Steel Pans

- Rhythmical Steel

- Dave Beery of Smarty Pans

- Bruce Fox

- Judith Lerner of The Dimples

- Sean Beever of Symphonic Steel

- Ellie Mannette

- Ulf Kronman - Author of Steel Pan Tuning

- Michael Colley and Jimmy James of Aciel

- Mark Garner of Saraz

- Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin of Pantheon Steel

- Victor Levinson, creator of the SPb Pantam

Ezahn of Echo Sound SculptureAsaChan Creator & Tuner  

Lino Schraudolph - Linotune Creator

- Jonathan Heaven of Pantam.org

- The creators and inventors of the original sound sculpture